Nelson Santoni's portrait
Nelson Santoni's portrait

In 2021, he partnered with composer and orchestrator Antonin Mège. They now collaborate on the majority of their projects, such as Spicy, a short film written by Clémentine Faure, co-directed with Capucine de Lavigne, and produced by Factoton Production. In 2023, they co-founded Osmium Music, a music production company that also offers services for composers and orchestras (arrangement and orchestration, score engraving, artistic advice, etc.). For example, they co-arranged traditional songs for symphony orchestra and choir for the show 80 minutes, which brought together the Divertimento Orchestra and the Käfig Company under the direction of Zahia Ziouani ; it was notably performed at the Philharmonie of Paris on October 14th, 2023.


Graduating from ENS Louis-Lumière in 2018 (Master's in Sound), Nelson Santoni initially collaborated with other composers for film and radio, including Julie Roué, Peter Von Poehl, Delphine Malausséna, David François Moreau & Patrick Bruel, Sathy Ngouane & Axelle Renoir, François Clos, and Damien Salançon.

These experiences enabled him to acquire and refine solid technical and musical knowledge. While these collaborations continue in the form of arrangement and orchestration work, Nelson now focuses on composing for various media and live performances.

As such, he has composed music for a variety of fiction genres, from horror to romantic comedy, from experimental dance films to intimate dramas, as well as for documentaries dans some institutional film. His first EP, Atlantis, was released in 2019. In 2022, he composed the music for the ballet Water Games & Choices a collaborative effort with Antonin Mège and Clémentine Charuel, created under the direction of Rosa Elena Monroy Castillero.


École Nationale Supérieure Louis-Lumière (2015-2018)
Master's Degree (M2) in Sound engineering

Universities Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) & Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) (2013-2015)
Double Degree: Bachelor's in Sciences and Musicology (L2)

Conservatoire Hector Berlioz (Paris 10) (2014-2017)
2015-2017 : Orchestration class with David Lampel
2014-2015 : Writing and Composition class with Jean-Michel Bardez

Conservatoire of Privas (07) (2003-2013)
Trumpet, Wind Orchestra, Brass Quintet, Music Theory, and Chamber Music